New Ideas


Okay, So, I have never written a blog, I have written notes to people and myself but never on a public domain. The aim of this blog is to help myself and other like-minded individuals to achieve entry into the Police Force. I haven’t had strict training on grammar so don’t mind the mishaps, maybe this blog will help with that too.
I feel it is in order to explain the lead up to my decision so I will keep it short, sharp and shiny…kind of.
1. I have developed a career set in Hospitality, this is my 9th Year in the industry.
2. I left a cafe job as a supervisor to go to a bigger and more notable organisation.
3. When I left my job they offered me manager and I was flattered..really I was, and I considered it but..
4. This more notable job that has a little more prestige than a cafe manager (not that there is anything wrong with that because I love cafes and I love coffee!) swayed me to choose a longer commute and have the benefit of more opportunity and growth.
5. However that being said, my current job moves at snails pace to provide that development.. and I am overly eager and slightly impatient.
6. I know I can bring the goods, and I have been awarded based on that, but they still take a long time.
7. Recently I applied for the team leader position, thinking it was time to start making the moves to go higher, having that position before at previous jobs and having the necessary qualifications, as well as having been at the organisation for all the major changes I thought I had a chance.
8. What I didn’t realize is when the organisation posted the job publicly, a man applied whom had 35 years experience on me as a manager and business owner.
9. My first thought was, who is this man and isn’t he WAY over qualified for this position… Get your own organisation to work at buddy.
10. This is when I had an ‘epiphany’, I cant move anywhere until someone leaves! THAT COULD BE YEARS!!… yes I can do training and other learning activities, but I cant go up. and I know for a fact this man was going back to study, this is why this job suited him, less hours and any days he wanted.
11. This means a minimum of three years of study, right?
12. The organisation I work for has very little employment turnover which is great because it means the employees are happy and generally want to stay..for a long time.
13. My ‘epiphany’ led me to think that I know people and I have good customer service, but I don’t know any other work other than the Hospitality industry, even though it is a diverse industry I don’t want to be 60 and not know anything else for employment… and the fact that the really good positions like GM and CEO are exceptionally difficult to get into, there aren’t that many of those positions that A) many women get into and B) everyone now-a-days needs many qualifications to get anywhere.. and C) If they get the new budget through, Ill be working towards these positions until m 80.
14. This is when I decided to join the Police Force.
15. I have family in that given field and have always had an interest,so what better occupation to get into that one that supports the community.

I believe in the way modern society is going, it will be harder to retire and harder to find work that provides a good remuneration package with all the other employment benefits of constant work, all types of special circumstances leave, as well as 6 weeks paid holidays a year. To me the police force provides this and security, my only issue is getting started.

I’ve been getting started for about 2 months, this has involved the planning and gathering stages. to define those I will explain what I have done so far…
First I spoke with me Dad and asked, do you think I should make the change, what if I’m not any good at it? I received the approval and I think there was also a slight hint of excitement, he is still in the force himself. Next I spoke to my partner he is my PT (however I had let my fitness drop for a little wile) I asked him what is the plan on getting fit? (the fitness and other helpful info I will post in the next blog) I now have a structured plan that I stick to weekly, I wish I could say this about eating, but I’m working on it.
Once I had done those things, I went through the SAPOL website and read everything again and again over a couple of weeks and purchased the police prep book to get my brain working again on the aptitude testing.
I have since purchased another 3 books off of amazon which are the American versions which have similar information.

I am now at the point where I am not unfit but I’m not machine woman yet, I have studied every other state police website, each of which provide helpful hints of improvement, the website I have found most helpful was the Queensland police, they have pages and pages of information for the taking, it is worth looking through if you yourself are looking at joining and not only for that state, there are many hints that apply for SAPOL too. My next goals will also be highlighted in other blogs so if you are interested keep an eye out.
I will end this one here, I hope it wasn’t too boring.



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