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I hope this blog will give whoever is interested an idea on how to start to prepare for their recruitment, I am speaking through my own experience and what has been working for me so far. 

Tip 1.

Read. Read. Read!

  1. I’ve looked at blogs, the only one I could find that gave me some kind of useful information was Whirlpool Forums. This is what I searched: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/?action=search&q=police+recruitment&f=&fg=-1&w=&p=
  2. QLD police website stresses to read a mixture of non fiction and fiction ( I have multiple news sites and science pages on my Facebook, when I have a change I read the stories especially the science posts because they usually have a new word for me to look up and add to my brain, I also try and read one of those stories out a day to a friend or partner to help me vocalize new and difficult sentences. I also have a bookcase of books and I read the newspaper on my breaks at work


Tip 2.

Prepare your fitness!!

  1. I recommend having your fitness up to scratch before putting the application in, this was told to me by recruitment.
  2. Each state has a different fitness test, each one gave me an insight on how my fitness should be before I join, even though some of the tests aren’t in the state that I am applying for It doesn’t mean that those other exercises wont benefit me. 
    • For example the QLD website has a scale for the beep test which is graded (most states base their recruitment process on a merit based system; so the more points you get the better!) I f you look at the link it will outline their A, B and C grading of the beep test if that is what they expect you to be after the Academy it will make your life easier being that before you apply and why not be able to pass the physical with ease, it just proves your determination. 
    • Most police websites including the ADF and AFP websites have the beep test recording on them.
  1. NSW Police have a very good ‘how to’ guide on starting to RunGrip Strength and Strength Training.  (follow the links to see what I’m talking about) In the running link you will notice by the time you are through they recommend to do 30-40 minutes of fartlek and 60-70 minutes of an easy run (a pace you can still talk at) per week. This is obviously once you have your fitness to its best, beginners start off with much less, which is also outlined. 
  2. I hired a Personal Trainer as well as my partner is one, I was hoping for double the motivation… which I received! My exercise plan involves an unlimited gym membership with 24 hour access as well as two 30 minute PT sessions a week. These sessions usually run longer for me, those days usually run as follows: I get to the gym 30 minutes before my PT session and do a 15 minute warm up on a treadmill or cross trainer then I stretch for 15 minutes, by this time my trainer has found me and I then start my workout with him, which is usually a full body weights workout ( weights are your friend!! any ladies who believe they will look like Arnold from using weights are wrong, that’s a whole different ballgame. To see the benefits click here.) The full body weights workout allows me to prepare my body for such things like the obstacle course in the test as well as giving me the strength I need to be able to restrain a person AND the many other benefits listed in the link above. Once I have finished my 30 minute training session, my trainer then asks me to do a minimum  20 minutes of cardio (I usually run because I need lots of cardio to pass the beep test) which is then followed by more stretching.
  3. You don’t need a gym membership to get fit (there are many ways to do it at home), however If your anything like me I find it difficult to want to exercise, so by having PT twice a week I know I have to go to the gym on at least those days.
  4. What to do after your workout

Tip 3. 

Some Random Facts

  1. QLD police force will provide their Interview questions 40 minutes before the interview.
  2. If you aren’t willing to take a rural posting then it probably isn’t worth applying, I was informed at the Careers expo that if that box isn’t checked on the application it is almost a no go. 
  3. WA Police will take people whom are colour blind, I’m fairly certain it is the only state that will do so in Australia. 
  4. QLD police website suggests to Google Aptitude tests and you can practice them online for free. 
    1. Psychometric Institute- Australian Police guide
    2. SAPOL Practice exam
    3. Sample Tests – I have found this the best practice site, there are many more, I do believe the questions will be easier, my SAPOL prep book is much easier than some of these questions. 
    4. Police Prep– I purchased the book that included all the states exams. 
  5. Now bare with me here..my memory is being tested, One of the States has a recommendation of talking to at least 7 officers. If anyone is reading this, maybe comment with some of the questions you would ask, it may help the creative process?
  6. Know your minority groups
  7. There is a Policing Tafe course, I asked at the careers expo if it is something I need, and I also asked recruitment. One said that if you have a higher qualification like a diploma or a bachelor there wouldn’t bee a need because you already can prove that you can study, and the other said it is beneficial because it starts you off with some of the laws and processes. So it is up to you what you take from that.
  8. I believe the SAPOL recruit course is going to be extended from 9 months to 12, if it hasn’t been done already.

Tip 4.

Practice your weakness’ 

I’m currently looking at doing some self defence classes and some lessons in a shooting range, to give myself some extended knowledge before I apply, this may not help my application but at least if I do get accepted I will feel a little more prepared. 

My partners Father is also a copper he has asked a friend at work what places in SA that are good for self defense or other techniques such as boxing. These are some that they suggested (located in Adelaidte):

 I also know that some of my other weakness’ are public speaking and mathematics. I have started re visiting some math but not the speaking as of yet (makes me nervous). 

I will leave the tips there for now, I don’t want to overload with too much, and my brain has also left for the moment and I cant think of what else I had to say…

So I hope this is a good starter for everyone. 




16 thoughts on “Police Prep

    • Hi there, thanks for reading, I’ve actually started the process for QPS instead, so far I’ve put my expression of interest in and I am currently waiting to be accepted for the aptitude testing. I figure at least if I don’t get through I would have done the tests therefore know what to expect.
      If you don’t mind me asking, how far are you in the process?


    • Also if you don’t mind me asking, did you find my blog through WordPress? I noticed your comment on whirlpool to 🙂 I’m glad someone has found my blog. I would really like to keep track of your progress if you wouldn’t mind?


      • Hey, i found your blog after google searching “SAPOL recruitment” or something. I have also applied for NTPOL since I love that place to bits!! Although only did so a couple weeks ago, both in the vetting process I assume. What made you not want to apply for SAPOL?


      • bigfoot

        And I would love to keep up with how your going, all the other forums i have found are a little out of date, happy to email, or whirlpool or whatever is easiest?


  1. The second link and the book with it has been a lot of help to myself, the only downside is some of the questions aren’t worded the best, but I have found that with all the books so far. I guess its good because its tailored specifically for the different states. It has 32 pages dedicated to SAPOL and 65 pages that give hints, tips and how to guides for the testing phases. I agree with Bigfoot, the psych test can’t really be practiced, any planning of answers or over thinking can be detrimental to the results of the test and they need to be answered ‘naturally’. I have done a psychometric test before and the questions just need to be answered honestly without looking into what you think the meaning would be.
    I purchased lots of study guides only because that’s what suits me, if you prefer a book I would go with the one on Booktopia however if you prefer working on computer sign up to the website that belongs to that book ( that’s just my opinion) I hope that helps 🙂


  2. Ricky J

    It’s not really the psychometric exam that’s worrying me, it’s the mathematical and number components of the written exam that is.

    Like yourself, maths was never really my strongest point, always seemed like a different language to me. I was hoping that one of the books would have similar questions as to the ones in the proper exam that i could practice and get a general idea of what to expect.

    All the other components of the selection process don’t worry me at all, just the numerical based stuff in the written exam.

    Thank again for your help.

    Ricky J.


    • From what I gather the maths is fractions, multiplication, division and some subtraction, and the questions where you have to work out the distance/speed. The math in the books compared to the practice exams on the SAPOL website is quite a lot harder (meaning the book is harder). I have been brushing up on some long division, times tables and the questions that ask about the distance and time. The book has algebra in it, and its completely out of my depth as you said another language, but from what I gather there isn’t any in the actual exam or very little. Like you its the only area I am having issues with, so I do hope that the info I have provided has helped 🙂


      • Rick J

        Certainly has been helpful.

        I think at this point the best bet will be to just brush up on my maths skills which I probably won’t get from the books but rather maths books and the web.

        Thanks again.

        Ricky J.


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