The moment you succeed


Okay so this is just a short one, I had my PT session just now and I finished with my usual cardiovascular activities.. But this time I managed 26 minutes of fartlek, Woo!

I haven’t done fartlek in a wile so I hope that this means I have improved from the previous time. The next step is to do a beep test, my last beep test had taken me 1 month to get from 4.3 to 5.4 so maybe a little improvement on that would be nice. I know the scores are low, however I did let my fitness go for a wile, but I’m getting better… Just keep swimming? Right?

Now don’t get me wrong I think the beep test is a fantastic gage on how fit a person is, however when your a 5ft person it feels like I’m doing double the steps to everyone else, so when other people are comfortably running, I’m sprinting like a cheetah, does anyone feel the same? #shortpeople #onestepclosertothepoliceforce

Anyway I’m off to eat something with protein in it.
🙂 have a good one.


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