In the mail


I LOVE receiving mail!

Does anyone else??

Today Iv’e received my Police Application in the post which was really exciting, I’ve had a read and it is intense, to say the least! I have also received the books that I ordered that are similar to Police Prep book but these are international versions, one is called Police Officer Exam- Barrons 9th Edition and the other is Police Exam Preparation Book revised and updated- Normal Halls Second Edition.

I’m reading through them and attempting the quiz, I will review them at a later date for others in case they are looking for similar books. I realize not all the information will be applicable due to it being an American version however the testing is quite similar so far. 

For those of you who are reading this and haven’s seen my blog, this is an attempt to provide information for people whom are attempting to join the Police Force in Australia, I hope by writing this blog I can be informative and give some advice that is working for myself, so if you know someone who is applying then send them my way I would love to hear their experience so far, information they can provide or if they need help I might be able to provide that too. 

I hope everyone is having a great day, I’m enjoying the hail and rain that we are receiving. 







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