Good Day, Kind Sir!


Hello everybody! 

This will be a short post, its just to outline that today is a rest day, but I also have volunteer commitments. These volunteer commitments added a whole new dimension to my life, being able to help those in need is just so much fun, I’m providing food for families that wouldn’t normally be able to buy anything. 

The first activity of the night is the soup kitchen, the local community which is in a demographic that is quite poor, come together and are fed fresh hot soup, drinks, and sweets.

The second activity involves receiving donations from companies such as OZ Harvest, these companies pick up food from various business’, these business’ donate their left over food that hasn’t been sold (Providing its fresh or long life) as well as donations from organisations such as TAFE whom donate all the cooking the students make, this food is then dropped of to the various Fred’s Van locations and I assume other volunteer networks.The food that has been delivered is then packaged up into many bags FULL of fresh and long life food, these packages are given to each of the community members who turn up. I think that Fred’s Van is a fantastic initiative, one that provides for families for not just one night but food for the whole next week. 

The volunteer work that I am doing now was introduced to me by a colleague from another department in my work,  I had been looking to take on some volunteer work for a wile and she said to me to come along one Friday night… so I did and I love every minute of it. I have also been looking for another organisation to start with, one of which is the Guide Dogs SA, I hopefully will sign up with them if i can work out the days with my own workplace. 

Anyway if you have some spare time please look at the links provided. It only takes a few moments but even if it adds just one more person to volunteer network or even a small donation of food, It makes it all worth wile. 


Have A Great Day!

Photo is taken from SA Gide Dogs.



In the mail


I LOVE receiving mail!

Does anyone else??

Today Iv’e received my Police Application in the post which was really exciting, I’ve had a read and it is intense, to say the least! I have also received the books that I ordered that are similar to Police Prep book but these are international versions, one is called Police Officer Exam- Barrons 9th Edition and the other is Police Exam Preparation Book revised and updated- Normal Halls Second Edition.

I’m reading through them and attempting the quiz, I will review them at a later date for others in case they are looking for similar books. I realize not all the information will be applicable due to it being an American version however the testing is quite similar so far. 

For those of you who are reading this and haven’s seen my blog, this is an attempt to provide information for people whom are attempting to join the Police Force in Australia, I hope by writing this blog I can be informative and give some advice that is working for myself, so if you know someone who is applying then send them my way I would love to hear their experience so far, information they can provide or if they need help I might be able to provide that too. 

I hope everyone is having a great day, I’m enjoying the hail and rain that we are receiving. 






The changes to me


Good Morning Folks,

Today I am going to write a bit a bout myself, I have previously written about the events leading up to my decision to join the police force, but today I feel it necessary to tell you the stats of which I started at and where I am at now. 

Me, Myself and I, started this journey weighing just over 62kg, I am 152cm short and I was feeling tired a lot and I couldn’t be bothered with wanting to do general activities. I have never been majorly over weight but enough to feel sluggish and heavy. I knew when I made the decision to join the police it would mean a big change if it meant achieving the 6.10 beep test score (Also, does anybody know if on the day of the fitness examination do they stop you at the 6.10 or keep you going until you conk out?). I had previously been fit, at one stage I applied for the ADF (about three years ago) I passed everything except the Asthma test which I failed by 2%, I tried for a year to re do that test on numerous puffers that I was prescribed, until one brought on a sort of asthma attack, so it scared me a little and I stopped trying. It was almost a blessing because I enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality which pushed me to my limits, it originally was a three year course which has been condensed down to a year and a half, I was doing 16 subjects a semester and it was one of the hardest studies I have ever undertaken. I am much better of for it though it completely re opened my brain up :P. 

I currently am 58kg, still 152cm short  but I don’t think that will change any time soon, I’m turning 23 this year, and now when I wake up in the morning I generally have more energy and have a new found confidence in the future. I know that if i stick to what I am doing it will get even better I just wish It would happen faster, but in reality It will take time. I believe someone once said Patience is a virtueI am still learning this. 

I hope everyone has a great day! I’ve been thinking of doing another run today, however i wanted to run outside instead of in the gym, but there is severe weather warnings… still contemplating it though. Ill see how i go.

Goodbye for now. 🙂

P.S. The Photo attached with this blog, is what my police prep book looks like, it is very useful!

New Ideas


Okay, So, I have never written a blog, I have written notes to people and myself but never on a public domain. The aim of this blog is to help myself and other like-minded individuals to achieve entry into the Police Force. I haven’t had strict training on grammar so don’t mind the mishaps, maybe this blog will help with that too.
I feel it is in order to explain the lead up to my decision so I will keep it short, sharp and shiny…kind of.
1. I have developed a career set in Hospitality, this is my 9th Year in the industry.
2. I left a cafe job as a supervisor to go to a bigger and more notable organisation.
3. When I left my job they offered me manager and I was flattered..really I was, and I considered it but..
4. This more notable job that has a little more prestige than a cafe manager (not that there is anything wrong with that because I love cafes and I love coffee!) swayed me to choose a longer commute and have the benefit of more opportunity and growth.
5. However that being said, my current job moves at snails pace to provide that development.. and I am overly eager and slightly impatient.
6. I know I can bring the goods, and I have been awarded based on that, but they still take a long time.
7. Recently I applied for the team leader position, thinking it was time to start making the moves to go higher, having that position before at previous jobs and having the necessary qualifications, as well as having been at the organisation for all the major changes I thought I had a chance.
8. What I didn’t realize is when the organisation posted the job publicly, a man applied whom had 35 years experience on me as a manager and business owner.
9. My first thought was, who is this man and isn’t he WAY over qualified for this position… Get your own organisation to work at buddy.
10. This is when I had an ‘epiphany’, I cant move anywhere until someone leaves! THAT COULD BE YEARS!!… yes I can do training and other learning activities, but I cant go up. and I know for a fact this man was going back to study, this is why this job suited him, less hours and any days he wanted.
11. This means a minimum of three years of study, right?
12. The organisation I work for has very little employment turnover which is great because it means the employees are happy and generally want to stay..for a long time.
13. My ‘epiphany’ led me to think that I know people and I have good customer service, but I don’t know any other work other than the Hospitality industry, even though it is a diverse industry I don’t want to be 60 and not know anything else for employment… and the fact that the really good positions like GM and CEO are exceptionally difficult to get into, there aren’t that many of those positions that A) many women get into and B) everyone now-a-days needs many qualifications to get anywhere.. and C) If they get the new budget through, Ill be working towards these positions until m 80.
14. This is when I decided to join the Police Force.
15. I have family in that given field and have always had an interest,so what better occupation to get into that one that supports the community.

I believe in the way modern society is going, it will be harder to retire and harder to find work that provides a good remuneration package with all the other employment benefits of constant work, all types of special circumstances leave, as well as 6 weeks paid holidays a year. To me the police force provides this and security, my only issue is getting started.

I’ve been getting started for about 2 months, this has involved the planning and gathering stages. to define those I will explain what I have done so far…
First I spoke with me Dad and asked, do you think I should make the change, what if I’m not any good at it? I received the approval and I think there was also a slight hint of excitement, he is still in the force himself. Next I spoke to my partner he is my PT (however I had let my fitness drop for a little wile) I asked him what is the plan on getting fit? (the fitness and other helpful info I will post in the next blog) I now have a structured plan that I stick to weekly, I wish I could say this about eating, but I’m working on it.
Once I had done those things, I went through the SAPOL website and read everything again and again over a couple of weeks and purchased the police prep book to get my brain working again on the aptitude testing.
I have since purchased another 3 books off of amazon which are the American versions which have similar information.

I am now at the point where I am not unfit but I’m not machine woman yet, I have studied every other state police website, each of which provide helpful hints of improvement, the website I have found most helpful was the Queensland police, they have pages and pages of information for the taking, it is worth looking through if you yourself are looking at joining and not only for that state, there are many hints that apply for SAPOL too. My next goals will also be highlighted in other blogs so if you are interested keep an eye out.
I will end this one here, I hope it wasn’t too boring.