Good Day, Kind Sir!


Hello everybody! 

This will be a short post, its just to outline that today is a rest day, but I also have volunteer commitments. These volunteer commitments added a whole new dimension to my life, being able to help those in need is just so much fun, I’m providing food for families that wouldn’t normally be able to buy anything. 

The first activity of the night is the soup kitchen, the local community which is in a demographic that is quite poor, come together and are fed fresh hot soup, drinks, and sweets.

The second activity involves receiving donations from companies such as OZ Harvest, these companies pick up food from various business’, these business’ donate their left over food that hasn’t been sold (Providing its fresh or long life) as well as donations from organisations such as TAFE whom donate all the cooking the students make, this food is then dropped of to the various Fred’s Van locations and I assume other volunteer networks.The food that has been delivered is then packaged up into many bags FULL of fresh and long life food, these packages are given to each of the community members who turn up. I think that Fred’s Van is a fantastic initiative, one that provides for families for not just one night but food for the whole next week. 

The volunteer work that I am doing now was introduced to me by a colleague from another department in my work,  I had been looking to take on some volunteer work for a wile and she said to me to come along one Friday night… so I did and I love every minute of it. I have also been looking for another organisation to start with, one of which is the Guide Dogs SA, I hopefully will sign up with them if i can work out the days with my own workplace. 

Anyway if you have some spare time please look at the links provided. It only takes a few moments but even if it adds just one more person to volunteer network or even a small donation of food, It makes it all worth wile. 


Have A Great Day!

Photo is taken from SA Gide Dogs.