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Iv’e been quiet in the blogging world for a little wile now mainly because I haven’t had much to say. The last few months have been busy and full of highs and lows. My police applications have been going along and I have ‘failed’ a couple, but there is always more to apply for. I say failed in quotations because I didn’t really fail, Iv’e gained invaluable experience which I can use when I re-apply.

I’m currently applying for Tasmanian Police and will hopefully have a physical date in the new year, If anyone is from Tasmania within the police force- some info would be great! On the plus side i’m running quicker and pushing heavier weights than ever! 6 months ago I would have laughed if I knew the weight that I can bench or squat now, but its just an ongoing process really and I can’t wait to see myself in  year..hopefully with an exciting new career.

This week and for many weeks I’ve been doing my usual routine, work, gym, sleep and repeat. I am pretty boring and I am happy to admit that, during the time off within that cycle I tend to watch movies, TV shows and listen to music, however the last few days I can’t get myself over the movie Jersey Boys directed by Clint Eastwood (Its pretty damn good ❤), I saw it a wile ago but can’t really forget about it…so much so I found myself doing hill sprints (in sand) to Sherry and many of the other great songs by The Four Seasons combined with some 80’s covers and hard rock… of course!

Aside from my boring life, I think lately I have been appreciating life a little more. I had an amazing friend who died a few years ago and he still reminds me to make sure that my life is full of the things that I want because nobody knows what will happen. So today I reflect on the things that I wish, want and appreciate:


All the amazing people in my life that are supporting my journey into a new career. My partner, immediate family, friends and my trainer!

The animals that wont find a home this Christmas and to the ones who do; thank you to the wonderful people whom take the time to search the shelters instead of puppy farms. I like to visit the shelters to give the animals some love, they deserve attention too.

My food, I am a coeliac and now appreciate how gross food really is, why are there sooooo many additives and fillers to food..eew!! I appreciate my fresh vegetables, fruit and meat that come from local farmers. (trying to decrease my food footprint) #lookaftertheworldandsmallbusiness


I want to eat scotch fingers again with chocolate on the bottom. (can’t there be a delicious gluten free version)

I want to buy Jersey Boys on DVD

I want the modern hospitality award to go and eat itself


I wish people all the best over the holidays and to be safe, drive carefully and donate something to those less fortunate, it doesn’t have to be much

I wish to meet the entertainers that star in my favorite productions. (and authors). For example Erich Bergen- THAT MAN IS TALENTED!!

I wish training would be a little easier, why can’t weights be easy? 😛

I wish everyone to have the happiest of holidays whether it be a sunny new years or a white Christmas.

Feature Image- Cast of Jersey boys and Frankie Valli


Good Day, Kind Sir!


Hello everybody! 

This will be a short post, its just to outline that today is a rest day, but I also have volunteer commitments. These volunteer commitments added a whole new dimension to my life, being able to help those in need is just so much fun, I’m providing food for families that wouldn’t normally be able to buy anything. 

The first activity of the night is the soup kitchen, the local community which is in a demographic that is quite poor, come together and are fed fresh hot soup, drinks, and sweets.

The second activity involves receiving donations from companies such as OZ Harvest, these companies pick up food from various business’, these business’ donate their left over food that hasn’t been sold (Providing its fresh or long life) as well as donations from organisations such as TAFE whom donate all the cooking the students make, this food is then dropped of to the various Fred’s Van locations and I assume other volunteer networks.The food that has been delivered is then packaged up into many bags FULL of fresh and long life food, these packages are given to each of the community members who turn up. I think that Fred’s Van is a fantastic initiative, one that provides for families for not just one night but food for the whole next week. 

The volunteer work that I am doing now was introduced to me by a colleague from another department in my work,  I had been looking to take on some volunteer work for a wile and she said to me to come along one Friday night… so I did and I love every minute of it. I have also been looking for another organisation to start with, one of which is the Guide Dogs SA, I hopefully will sign up with them if i can work out the days with my own workplace. 

Anyway if you have some spare time please look at the links provided. It only takes a few moments but even if it adds just one more person to volunteer network or even a small donation of food, It makes it all worth wile. 


Have A Great Day!

Photo is taken from SA Gide Dogs.